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Ontario Press Council Mission Statement

The Ontario Press Council upholds acceptable journalistic and ethical standards on behalf of the public and press alike while defending the democratic rights of free speech and freedom of the press.

Please note:

The Ontario Press Council has amalgamated with Press Councils in British Columbia and Atlantic Canada to form a national media council which will deal with complaints against member news organizations.

The Ontario Press Council will close this month and the National Newsmedia Council will start operating in September.

The Ontario Press Council will no longer deal with complaints against news organizations which were members of the the OPC. The press council in Ontario and the other two provincial press councils are now members of the National Newsmedia Council.

The OPC is no longer accepting complaints against its member news organizations.

For inquiries or information before the end of August, please contact the offices of the Ontario Press Council at info@ontpress.com or call 416-340-1981.

Thank you.

Don McCurdy
Executive Director
Ontario Press Council

View CPAC coverage of Star, Globe hearings on Rob Ford, Doug Ford coverage

For CPAC coverage of the hearings involving the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail held Sept. 9 to consider complaints over coverage of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford, please click on the following link: CPAC Coverage

Where the Press Council Stands


The Ontario Press Council has chosen not to follow the lead of the United Kingdom Press Complaints Commission and other councils in adopting a formal code of practice for media publishing.

Instead it has relied on the decisions reached in previous adjudications of complaints as precedents by which it judges current issues.

A Press Council adjudication represents the collective opinion of a publisher’s conduct shared by people from a broad cross-section of Ontario society and from the journalism field.

Council’s dismissal of a complaint about the nature of comment does not mean that it agrees with what has been published.

Following is a sampling of general conclusions reached in the four decades it has been adjudicating public complaints against Ontario publications:
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Ontario Press Council: Process and Procedures

Ontario Press Council Procedure

The Ontario Press Council is an independent body which considers specific unsatisfied complaints made by the public against its 150 member news organizations. Complaints considered by the Council involve journalistic practices and proper ethical standards.
The Council provides an efficient and effective way for the public to deal with issues of concern without launching legal proceedings, which can become lengthy and costly.
In reaching its decisions, the Council considers appropriate journalistic practices, including fairness and accuracy, as well as issues of ethical concerns, sources utilized, decisions by the Courts and the news organization’s own guidelines and codes of conduct.
The Press Council consists of 15 members, the majority of whom are from the public with a history of effective public and professional service, including the chair. The minority of the Council members are selected from member news organizations. When a complaint is directed at the news operation of a Council member, he/she must immediately declare a conflict of interest and is excused from all deliberations concerning the complaint.

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