how to invest in shops skyrim

The Profit-Making Secrets: How to Invest in Shops Skyrim

How to Invest in Shops Skyrim

I’m about to dive into one of the fascinating aspects of Skyrim—investing in shops. It’s an often overlooked, yet incredibly rewarding part of this epic game. By pouring your hard-earned gold into local businesses, you not only bolster Skyrim’s economy but also ensure a steady stream of income for yourself.

Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering how to even start investing in shops within Skyrim, don’t fret! I’ll be breaking down the process step by step for you. From meeting prerequisites like obtaining the Investor perk under the Speech skill tree to selecting profitable stores and managing returns on your investments—it’s all going to be covered here.

It’s important to remember that investing is more than just a click-and-wait strategy in Skyrim. You won’t see gold piling up instantly—but with patience and smart choices, it can become a significant source of wealth. So let’s get started and explore how you can become the next big investor in Skyrim!


Understanding the Basics of Investing in Skyrim

Packing your bags for another adventure in the expansive world of Skyrim? I get you. Amidst all the dragon-slaying and questing, it’s easy to forget about one crucial aspect – investing. But don’t worry, we’re about to dive into this seemingly complex mechanic and break it down.

Skyrim’s economy runs on a simple concept: gold. It’s used for everything from buying goods to bribing guards. And if you’ve got some extra coin lying around, why not make it work for you? With a little bit of investment know-how, you can turn those hard-earned Septims into a steady income stream.

Let’s start with the basics – every major town in Skyrim has various shops where you can buy and sell items. The shopkeepers, or merchants as they’re called, each have a certain amount of gold that gets replenished every two days (48 hours). This is referred to as their “gold pool”. By investing in these shopkeepers’ businesses through a perk called “Investor” (which falls under Speech skill), their available gold increases permanently by 500.

Here are few quick pointers on how this works:

  • To invest, first ensure that your Speech skill is at least level 70.
  • Once achieved, unlock the “Investor” perk.
  • Walk into any store and engage the merchant in conversation.
  • Select ‘I want to invest in your business’, part ways with 500 gold pieces and voila!

It might seem like quite an outlay initially but trust me, seeing those merchants flush with cash will be worth it when you’ve got high-value loot to offload. Plus, this isn’t just any old investment – it’s an opportunity to build relationships with key characters throughout Skyrim.

To sum up: keep questing; slay dragons; explore caves; but also remember – there’s no harm in playing the savvy investor too. It’s all part of the fun, after all! So, get out there and start investing – your coin purse will thank you later.