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Atas Is The All-New Apk Everyone Has Been Talking About. Here Is How You Can Download It.

Let’s face it: every online casino in Malaysia strives to provide players with a seamless gaming experience, and Atas is no exception. Through its APK download, Atas has made gambling more fun and exciting for every Malaysian player. Atas APK is made only for Android devices, particularly those running on Android 9 or later. However, non-Android users can still use Atas APK download as long as an Android emulator is installed. Atas APK download doesn’t doesn’t doesn’t consume much space and requires no cost.

Atas apk download is the perfect alternative to atas web online. The only difference is that a web login means you don’t have to download the app; you can log in directly here: Nevertheless, embarking on the adventure of downloading the Atas APK is worthwhile. Curious to know how to download the atas apk? Don’tDon’t worry! We’ve highlighted the step-by-step guides you need to download this file below.

Is ATAS APK Download Worth the Hype?

Of course, the Atas APK download is worth the hype. When you download it, you’ll enjoy the following perks:

Seamless Login Experience

With the Atas download apk, you won’t have any problem finding the Atas login again. Atas apk makes logging into your atas profile easier. All you need to do is click the app on your phone and go directly to the login page. Breathtaking. Like atas web online, login authentication and login session management are also seamless with atas apk download.

It gets even more exciting because it has a single sign-on (SSO) function for login recovery. You can always remember your login to avoid login failure or errors whenever you need to use the app. However, if you’re constantly experiencing login issues, such as login timeout, it is best to reach out to the Atas Casino support team. The team will provide adequate login assistance and quick login troubleshooting.

A Secure Login Process

When you download atas apk, you’ll enjoy optimum security. On the app, you can quickly activate Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to compound the login confirmation. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) also enhances robust login tracking. That means there will always be a login restriction on your account each time you’re unable to answer any question during the login process.

Fortunately, Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is not the only login security measure on the app. There is another login monitoring feature that enables you to track login history and ensures you receive an alert whenever an unauthorized device accesses your account.

Exclusive Gaming Experience

Whether logging ATAS from Genting Highland or other cities in Malaysia, you’ll enjoy an exclusive gaming experience on the ATAS APK download. Each time you log in through the APK download, you will have access to unlimited games, including classic online slots like the Great Blue slot, Bonus Bear slot, Iceland slot, Panther Moon slot, and modern slots such as Dolphin Reef slots, Thai Paradise slot, Fortune dragon slot, and Lion king slots.

If you’re an avid player of sportsbooks and live casino games, you must consider downloading APK atas.


The fascinating thing is that top developers like Kingmaker, Pokerwin, Ekor 4d, Maxbet, 918kiss, rcb988, and Pragmatic Play provide each game on the app. Apart from games, there are other things you’ll enjoy whenever you log in from its APK. Some of them include:

  • Bonuses and Promotional Packages: As a newbie logs in through ATAS APK download for the first time,  you’ll be qualified for a 50% welcome bonus on your first deposit. The first deposit must not be less than RM20. Otherwise, you won’t be given this bonus. There is even a daily reload bonus, where all active members enjoy up to 50% match bonus for logging in daily. For those who love playing baccarat, there is good news for you. There is a baccarat challenge grand prize of up to RM1000,000.
  • Fast Payout: When you start using the ATAS APK download, you’ll enjoy a fast payout. Unlike any traditional casino in Malaysia today, you can choose to withdraw your earnings whenever you like, and you have multiple methods of withdrawal.
  • Fair Gameplay: If you think only a land-based casino offers fair gameplay, you make a huge mistake. Atas, like any traditional casino in Genting Highland and the whole of Malaysia at large, offers fair gameplay. Atas apk login, just like atas online login, is regulated by PAGCOR. Its iTechLab and eCogra certificate also make it the most trusted online casino in the gambling world.
  • User-friendly interface: One remarkable thing you’ll enjoy with Atas web login and the APK download is the user-friendly interface on any device. The app’s ease of navigation is top-notch top-notch. You’ll easily find every useful tab on the homepage when you log in. And thanks to the search button, you can quickly locate anything you’re looking for.
  • Unlimited support: One major concern of every gambler about an online casino in Malaysia is the support system. You may wonder if you will get good support on the ATAS web and apk. Of course, atas web login and apk have a lot of support systems for users. Social media support allows you to connect with staff for live chat. There are also FAQ sections, where you’ll find the appropriate answers to all the relevant questions about ATAS. The exciting part is that both the social media support and FAQs are very easy to locate. Once you log in, you’ll see the WhatsApp or FAQs on the homepage.

Download ATAS APK On Your Device – A Step-By-Step Guide

With the ATAS APK download, you don’t need to keep opening your web browser to log in to ATAS online. All you need now is to download the APK by following the steps below:

On Android Device

  1. On your Android phone browser, visit atas official site.
  2. At the top right corner of the homepage, you’ll see  “Download Atas APK.” Click it.
  3. Once you’veyou’ve done that, you’llyou’ll be taken to the download page. Here, you have two download options: scan the QR code on the screen or click the link directly. Choose anyone that suits you, but ensure your internet connection is stable during the process.
  4. Wait for some minutes, and the APK file will be completely downloaded. Kindly note that the APK file might be downloaded as a ZIP or RAR file. Ensure you unzip it using tools like 7-ZIP.

Once the APK file is completely downloaded, tap it to begin installation. The good thing is that installation doesn’t take long. However, ensure you grant the app permission to access your device. Otherwise, it may not work perfectly as you think.

On Windows or iOS Devices

As we’ve said earlier, Atas APK is only compatible with Android devices. But if you’re using an iOS or Windows device, you can still enjoy the Atas APK download. For iOS users, there is an IPA file that perfectly works on an iPhone. Similar to the APK download, you also need to visit the casino site and locate the IPA file download. Click it, and it will begin to download.

If you’re using a Windows device, you must install an Android emulator. That way, you’ll be able to download and install Atas APK on your phone. Finally, you can log in to Atas and start playing online slots like Dolphin Reef, Thai Paradise, Fortune Dragon, Lion King, Great Blue, Bonus Bear, Iceland, Panther Moon, etc.


Atas apk is very easy to download, and there are numerous benefits to downloading it. But before you consider logging in from the ATAS APK download, ensure you have a valid bank account and phone number. Even if you’re a resident of Genting Highland, ensure you’re at least 21 years old before downloading ATAS APK. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the APK download.

However, if you’re not fond of downloading apps on your phone, then consider a web login. Atas web login means you don’t have to download the app; you can log in directly online here And you’ll equally enjoy all the benefits of atas apk download, from playing amazing online slots like the Great Blue slot, Bonus Bear slot, Iceland slot, Panther moon slot, and modern slots such as Dolphin Reef slots, Thai Paradise slot, Fortune dragon slot, and Lion king slots, to a secure login process and seamless login experience.