How to Use Texas Car Shipping

Car shipping services in Texas are handy whether you need to transport your four-wheeler within the state, to another state, or abroad. You might think of it when it’s time for a move or a long vacation you’ve decided to spend in Texas, and you know you’ll need your four-wheeler there.

Different carriers have different rates for car transportation services in Texas. Although these might seem costly, shipping is more cost-effective than driving to a remote location or buying a new vehicle. Read more on the benefits of shipping using reputable transportation companies on this link.

Deciding to ship your car means you can take the logistics and planning off your back. Shipping companies do a great job and make everything easier. To fully enjoy the benefits of their services, you need to plan vehicle transportation well before drop-off.

Find a Carrier

Your first stop is to find a trusted Texas carrier to ship your car to the desired address within or outside the state. Considering it’s a large country, the number of transportation companies is vast. Certainly, not all of them are reliable and suitable for your needs, and there are many scammers you should avoid.

You can ask close people for recommendations, but it’s best to do your research. It’s important that the chosen service providers are reputable, DOT-certified, and have experience in shipping, especially when it comes to collectible, rare, and exclusive cars. For starters, read analysis and check the company’s BBB rating.

Online analysis tell a lot about what it’s like to work with a certain carrier, their rates, reliability, etc. BBB rating shows possible red flags if, for example, a company has many complaints from previous clients regarding service quality, punctuality, vehicle protection, etc.

On the carriers’ web pages, you can check their services and get a quote for your vehicle for the selected date. That’ll help you estimate your budget and possibly find ways to make this transportation more affordable. Remember that the price depends on the selected service, vehicle type, and weather conditions. In case of heavy rainfall, snow storms, or heat waves, shipping rates will probably go up.

How to Transport Your Car

Car transportation companies from Texas offer different services. The main division is shipping in open or enclosed trailers. The first option is economical, and most car owners choose it. In that case, carriers use huge trailers that can fit a dozen cars, and they don’t start the route until all seats are filled (or at least most of them). That’s why carriers have lower rates for open shipping.


More on the pros of open shipping read below:

As for enclosed shipping, it’s carried out in enclosed trailers or containers loaded onto trucks and then taken to the desired location. It’s the preferred shipping method when you want to give your four-wheeler extra protection from road rocks and elements. These trailers can fit only two to three vehicles, but you can also rent a container just for your car.

Many carriers in Texas offer guaranteed drop-off and express shipping services, meaning they can pick up your car in a day or two upon booking. Also, a special shipping service that has priority is for military personnel and veterans.

Inspect and Prepare Vehicle

Take your time before drop-off to inspect and prepare your four-wheeler for transportation. Get all personal items out, clean your vehicle, and check whether all its systems are operational. Don’t fill up the gas tank for more than a quarter, inflate tires, and document any current damage like scratches.

Know Shipping Details

An average truck loaded with a dozen cars can travel about 400 miles a day, meaning it would take about two days to travel from one end of Texas to the other. But in case you go to another state or abroad, that path is significantly longer.

The prices for auto transport to Texas depend on many factors. Of course, the most important thing is where the vehicle goes, as well as its type. Rates can also vary due to market, fuel price, season, route popularity, etc. In any case, you need to agree on a shipping quote before drop-off, and even if there are some changes, make sure they are stated in the contract.

Carriers can’t always predict the circumstances on the road, so they usually give you estimated drop-off and pick-up dates. In case you need to ship your car to a specific location fast, or your vehicle is rare, expensive, or a collectible item, you might want to try airplane cargo. It’s a bit costlier but a much faster option than trailer transport.

When planning to ship a car to or from Texas, you need a reliable carrier. Then, you have to ensure your vehicle is ready for transportation. Before dropping it off, agree on a shipping quote, get proper insurance, and rest easy knowing your four-wheeler is in good hands.